Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Will there be a pre-buttal?

Remember last year?

Whenever I hear that odd term, I think of my sister's puzzlement in early high school when she first heard the term "button-front jeans." Because she hadn't actually seen the jeans (our parents were strong proponents of unbranded clothes - my first and only "designer" jeans in high school, bought with my own scarce money, were Guess jeans reminiscent of that Brooke Shields ad that anyone who came of age in the mid-'80s will no doubt remember. She of course looked better in them), and hadn't actually seen the term in writing, she heard "butt-in-front jeans." She couldn't for the life of her figure out how they'd accomplish that aim. (I think I would've been equally puzzled except that I was paying much less attention.)

So. Butt-in-front - pre-buttal - you connect the dots.

The kids will get to stay up late tonight, because (a) I'm not missing the speech, (b) we have no blank videotapes in the house even if I were inclined to tape it, (c) we don't have TiVo or its ilk, and (d) there's no way the little one will go to sleep in time for me to hear it; he's tough.


your confused sister said...

Clever, butt...
The speech has come and gone, but the butt-in-front confusion persists, according to Sharon Stone:

Jamie said...

That is a great link, sis.