Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Blogging will be light until after St. Patrick's Day. While channelling my inner dumba**, I offered to take over my neighborhood's St. Patrick's Day party from the caterer-neighbor who usually runs it but who's been called out of town unexpectedly. My fridge is full of beef. My whole house smells like beef. I may never eat beef again. Or potatoes. I mashed ten pounds of potatoes this morning; only twenty pounds to go.

So slainte to you all, and may you be in heaven ten minutes before the Devil knows you're dead, and all that good Irish stuff, and I'll see you in a few days... if I survive.


C-mo said...

I've been posting some Irish recipes and facts on my blog to celebrate the week. Feel free to check out www.northridgebuzz.blogspot.com

Soon I'll be posting a recipe for Guiness Ice Cream.

Gahrie said...

My corned beef is in the crock pot right now. The cabbage and potatoes go in first thing in the morning. I the Rum and coke start flowing around 10 AM.