Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Unconfirmed report...

...of bombing in Iraq, via Bank of America. Crude oil spiking - up about $1.50 - unconfirmed, once again. ??? Awaiting information!

UPDATE: OK, just a rumor. In particular, apparently the rumor was that Iran had fired on an American carrier (?). The Navy denies. Another rumor, so far as I know NOT being denied, is that the US has moved two carriers into the Gulf. I haven't been keeping up at all with troop movements and such, so for all I know, this is old news!


Cobra said...


What's your opinion on the US making military strikes on Iran?
What do you think will be the consequences to our economy and our troops in the field in both Iraq and Afghanistan?


Jamie said...

My opinion? I suppose it would depend on the circumstances. If Iran again took American hostages, I might subscribe to the Teddy Roosevelt philosophy that that would be enough provocation to start an explicit, rather than a shadow, war. As preemption, to try to restrain the Iranian government from continuing its pursuit of nuclear weapons - I'm more circumspect there, although I believe a nuclear Iran would be (and I have to say probably will be) a very dangerous entity indeed. I'm more circumspect because while the response to a kidnapping might be able to be limited and still teach the appropriate lesson, a preemptive strike to remove uranium enrichment capabilities, for instance, doesn't strike me as amenable to such limitations.

Is that weasel-worded enough? The shortest answer is, I'm praying that Iran moves slowly so that we can finish what we're doing in Iraq before we have to move on. But I'm pretty certain that eventually we will be in open, armed conflict with Iran, and my opinion isn't going to matter a bit. Iran is clearly already at war with us.