Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Check this out!

Commenter SarahB has a cool site featuring lots of clothes and merchandise bearing my name! (Lipstick Republican, not Jamie.) (And naturally they're about Gov. Palin, not me, but still...) Check it out. For Lipstick Republican stuff particularly, go here: www.cafepress.com/papersalad/6025444.

But look, there's more at CafePress's GOPGirls.

Here's to beautiful conservative women! We know what we're about.

(And lest anyone wonder, there's no cognitive dissonance between this post and the Twilight one... really. Bella might be a seventeen-year-old in love with love, but she does what she believes is right and lets the chips fall where they may, she always pays the price for her decisions, and she doesn't press too hard to get into hanky-panky-ish trouble with Edward. Sounds like a conservative-in-training to me...)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say hello! I am a former Hillary Democrat,now Independent who is voting McCain Palin and just purchased a lipstick pin in honor of the DIVINE
Sarah Palin! I thank my former party for giving me this opportunity to come on over and play in your yard, lol. If they hadn't stolen my vote in the Florida primary in order to put Obama over the top, I might have never gotten to know another perspective; one which I agree with in many instances. Love your name and thanks for letting me post. McCain/Palin 08! PS: Drill, Baby, Drill!!!

Jamie said...

Nice to see you here! I disagreed with Sen. Clinton on many policy points, but she proved herself a strong and take-no-prisoners campaigner this year, and in my opinion ought to have won the Democratic nomination; I hope to see her again in future election cycles. I think a Palin-Clinton battle would give us all a very interesting choice: two relatively new-to-the-scene power hitters with very different views of the role of government in American life. Now that'd shake up Washington!