Monday, February 28, 2005

And furthermore...

Whoa. Dominoes tumbling all around. From Fox News via Instapundit:

BEIRUT, Lebanon — With shouts of "Syria out!," more than 25,000 flag-waving protesters massed outside Parliament on Monday in a dramatic display of defiance that forced the resignation of Lebanon's prime minister and Cabinet two weeks after the assassination of an opposition leader.

And, according to the Christian Science Monitor, also via Insta (you have got to check out the InstaSource of All Knowledge) "In a surprise announcement Saturday, Egypt's long-ruling president, Hosni Mubarak, ordered constitutional changes that would open the door for the first-ever multiparty presidential elections in the world's most populous Arab country."

And furthermore, according to Yahoo! News via Captain's Quarters, Saddam Hussein's half-brother Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, who was captured in Syria by Syrian authorities along with more than two dozen other ex-Ba'athist officials, has been turned over to Iraqi authorities.

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