Monday, February 07, 2005

Stop me before I blog again!

Not since the fall elections have I been so unaccountably obsessed with Life Online.

The effect is to give me the impression that the world is very small and very well informed. I'm always shocked when I start talking to actual people (not virtual people) about something so well known in the blogosphere that it hardly merits more comment, and they're utterly unaware of it. Happened the other night at a dinner party: I mentioned the GI Cody story to a group of four intelligent, interested, politically active friends, and none of them had even heard of it. It made me feel almost like an insider - or dare I say, a fledgling journalist?

Nope, I don't dare say that. I think I'm just making a virtue out of a vice, to support and justify my habit. Not that I decry the importance of that story: few things point to cracks in the Iraq terrorists' organization more clearly than their kidnapping of an action figure. But there's laundry to be done and bills to be paid, and GI Cody will not be helping me with them (as he's recovering from his ordeal in Wiesbaden, I understand). So off I go, to interact with real (not virtual) people in the dirt-o-sphere. If I'm not back by next week, you can have my camera.

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