Friday, April 08, 2005

If we outlaw invasions...

...only dictators will invade.

Heh, as Prof. Reynolds would say. That Mark Steyn, he's something else.


The Lipstick Republican's Sister said...

Jamie, check out the recent public comments by Ruth Bader Ginsberg about the necessity of falling in line with internat'l law. Er, or maybe don't as I don't want you to blow an artery before you stand up for me at my wedding!

Oh no, the Fiance of the Lipstick Republican's Sister says you probably don't want to hear what Justice Kennedy said in a recent opinion either.

Doug said...

Beautiful story on the young man back from Iraq you posted at Belmont.
...Decadence amid affluence and excess here, Dedication when right and wrong get definied seriously.

I'll link your neat blog in Wretch's latest post.