Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Jamie: the sequel

Bought new unmentionables today (obviously without breaking the bank, if you follow my link)... Soon I expect to burst out of my cocoon of mommyness, spend a little time curing my silk-and-lace wings, and then catch the wind again, and taste the nectar, and altogether celebrate that I was I before I was a mom, no matter how Mom I always intend to be.

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The Lipstick Republican's Sister said...

Hey, can't your Business Guy husband pop for unmentionables at a more upscale joint? I thought you two were all about stimulating the economy!

Anyway, I hope you wear whatever you bought with pride and a renewed sense of self. I'm glad that in Spring, a young woman's fancy turns to self-expression,as the Fiance of the Lipstick Republican's Sister and the self-same Sister are enjoying the political discussions that your blog entries precipitate.