Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy V-I Day!

Zombietime hath declared it so: Today is Victory in Iraq Day!

The nature of this conflict is such that there's no meeting where one general surrenders to another; all violence does not pass from the region; civil liberties do not blossom unchecked in the heart of the Middle East. But what we have is this:

  • No more Saddam Hussein, no more sons of Saddam Hussein, no more terror tactics aimed at Iraqi citizens by their own government.
  • A democratically elected government, we must add.
  • Constrained, we must add, by a constitution ratified by an overwhelming majority of Iraqis.
  • Civil society rises; illiberalism diminishes.
  • Violence falls to the point where it can no longer be considered a concerted effort on the part of Iraq's enemies, internal or external; they have been soundly defeated.
  • Trust in government's monopoly on the use of force - which means not only a sense that government should have that monopoly, but also that government will not abuse that monopoly, is now a majority opinion - and not a bare majority but a commanding one.

There is more. There's much more. But I have something to do - so go celebrate!

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