Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A metaphor for the day after the election

So today I was the mom who signed up to bring a "healthy snack" to my child's pre-K class. I brought clementines - juicy, sweet, no seeds, easy to peel (and I pre-peeled them because the rule is that the "healthy snack" should be entirely ready to eat, saving time at snacktime), child-sized, and above all, healthful. And the biggest Obama booster I know, who told me on the day before Election Day that "tomorrow is going to be the happiest day of my life!" (I glanced doubtfully at her daughter; she rolled her eyes and said, "Well, besides the day she was born, of course"), brought Election Cupcakes. Yummy, sweeter than the clementines, messy, not at all healthful.

I just suggested to the teacher that the children be offered the clementines first, so they wouldn't think they were sour if they tried them after the cupcakes. Nonetheless, more than half the clementines came home with my son. Sigh.

So as I see it, I offered the choice that was good for the children, and it was rejected by half the class. She offered the choice that was yummy but bad for them; it was, of course, embraced. And sigh, again.


Cobra said...

Of course...if the kids had eaten clementines for the past few years, and they had been sour, I guess you can't blame them for wanting a CHANGE.

I'm sorry, Jamie. I couldn't resist.


Jamie said...

Cobra! You're back! How've you been?

Nope, I don't blame them any more than I blame the kids for preferring the cupcakes. I'm just sayin, is all.